Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

What is a breast lift and do I need one?

Sometimes patients are confused about when to consider breast lift. My thinking is this: If you like the way you look in a bra, you like your breast size, and do not want to be larger, but when the bra comes off your breasts go south you are likely a good candidate for a breast lift.

Doesn't a breast lift make me smaller?

Not really. By definition, in a breast lift, skin is removed from the bottom of the breast so a few grams of tissue are lost, but because it is such a small amount of weight the breast size is virtually unchanged. For some patients I will remove some additional breast tissue if one breast is larger to help with the breast symmetry if needed.

Will a breast lift make me look like I have implants?

No, this is a common misconception. Right after surgery patients may look implanty (a lot of fullness in the top of the breast) because the breasts are quite tight right after a full lift. As the skin relaxes over the first few months lifted breasts will ultimately have a softer transition from the chest wall to the breast as do natural breasts.

What If I want that Implanty look?

For patients who do want to be larger a lift and an implant can be combined. This will give more fullness to the upper portion of the breast.

What If my breasts are droopy but also very large and heavy?

A heavy or large breast can be lifted but gravity will always affect the heavy breast more. If I see a patient with excessively large or dense breasts I may recommend breast reduction. Breast reduction is basically a breast lift that also makes the breasts smaller. A lighter breast will not tend to droop again as quickly.

Can�t an implant lift a breast?

Yes, but only to a certain degree. Patients with a little bit of sagging will do well with an implant as long as they wish to be have larger breasts. Patients with a moderate degree of droop or sagging might get enough lift from an implant but will need a much larger implant and must be comfortable with a larger breast. These patients may need a smaller lift such as a crescent or periareolar lift even with their implant. Patients with significant drooping such as the nipple facing the floor will usually require a full lift (anchor pattern) whether or not they add an implant to enhance volume.

Are there Different kinds of breast lifts?

Yes. These can be done alone or in combination with an implant.

  • A crescent lift just elevates the nipple.
  • A periolar lift gives a smaller amount of tightening but the scar is just around the areola. This type of radial scar can sometimes widen.
  • Lollipop lift - a full lift with a shorter horizontal scar.
  • Vertical scar only lift - I do not like this type of lift as it is less predictable in shape more prone to touchup and takes away less skin.
  • Full lift gives the most skin tightening. The trade off is the anchor shaped scar.

How is it done?

Most full breast lifts are done under a general anesthesia. Smaller lifts such as crescent or Periareolar can be done under a local anesthesia. Most patients with full lift are back to work within about a week. Less time off is needed for the smaller lifts. The ultimate healing process as the breasts drop, round and settle is between 6 months to a year.

Will a breast lift last forever?

While time and gravity will always take their toll it is the majority of women will not get droopy enough to warrant a second lift. Pregnancy, massive weight gain and loss and lifting a very heavy breast are factors that can sometimes lead to the desire for a secondary lift. Lifts can be repeated over time if necessary.

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